(Air Quality device (nvalue=ppm))
(Temp/Humidity/Pressure device (svalue=TEMP;HUM;0))
(Temp/Humidity/Pressure device (svalue=TEMP;HUM;0;BAR;0))
(Air Quality Device (nvalue=PM2.5))
(Air Quality Device (nvalue=PM10))


In case different from default (e.g. jeedom )

More Info

Each line is sent as a separate GET request. Lines starting with '#' are managed on other places

More Information about Custom HTTP Setup
More Information about Placeholders
Examples for some popular services

Example: http://192.168.123:2234/myService?co2=%CO2%&id=vAir

%CO2% will be replaced with the actual CO2 ppm value. Other placeholders are TEMP, HUM, PRES, PM25, PM10

Each line is sent as a separate MQTT Message. Format is [topic]:[message] (e.g: data/in:{temp:%TEMP%} )

More Information about MQTT Setup

More Information about Placeholders
Examples for some popular services

SSL is not yet supported for MQTT. (e.g. {"data":%CO2%,"write":true,"ispublic":true} for Beebotte)
Port is 80
Port is 8266.
Note: Both servers stop once device goes to deep sleep. And will start after power cycle again.

send commands to {topic}/cmd. Configure MQTT Server as well. Needs restart.
access via http://hostname.local or http://hostname (default is "vthing")
e.g. -1.5 will decrease actual temperature by 1.5 degrees
Device will send POST requests with the output here. You can use this Node.js script to capture them
How often the device will wakeup (e.g. for keeping Powerbanks alive). Default 30sec. Iteration Duration is a multiple of this
When will the device switch to sleep mode. Default(300 sec). O disables it. CM1102 and CM1106 sensors disable deep sleep. WebServer and WebSocketServer will no longer accept connection when in deep sleep. Config tool disables it as well once connected
With BuiltIn Sensor - adjust auto-brightness (-20;+20). W/o - set brightness level (0;30). Default: 0
Stop Web Sockets after specified idle time. (Defaut: 5 min)

(default is 120 sec)

Dust Sensor Quiet Time
(e.g. Start=18:00, End=7:00, TZ=180 (GMT+180 min). Interval is in minutes. <300 = dynamic mode)

Built In Light Senor

CO2 Threshold: 400 - 3000 ppm

PM 2.5 Threshold: 0 - 250 ug/m3

Press [Sweep Color Range] to see color to value mapping